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Responsive Web Design

Our responsive web site package is a fully integrated program that lets you direct your web content to multiple devices, whether it's a desktop/laptop, tablet or smart phone, you control the display of your content. Also, as technology advances, so will your website, automatically! You'll always be at the forefront of technology, we've got your back, forever!

Enhance your Responsive/Mobile web site with extensive business logic and personalization tools designed to engage your visitors and increase your ROI.

Responsive marketing features are based on specific actions taken by your visitors, those actions can result in different presentations and/or offers to your visitors. These tools are designed to make your site more appealing and interesting for your visitors, making your site more valuable to them.

Because our system recognizes a requesting device’s unique IP address, the area where it's from, the type of device it is and how many times that device has been used to view your web site, our system can use that information to respond by offering different information to different people.

You could program your site to offer one feature, for example, a menu, a coupon, an email form or an email newsletter signup form to a viewer using a desktop or laptop computer and something else, maybe a click 2 call button or a map link to a viewer who is using a phone.

The number of times a specific device has viewed your site can be used to offer something.
You could offer a email newsletter signup form, if you have one, or a menu if you have a restaurant, or a coupon to a visitor who comes to your site a second or third time,
or any other number you choose. You could offer a Welcome Back banner on their return.

A specific date, specific day or days of the month, day or days of the week, times of day
and/or if your business is currently open or closed can also be used to trigger a response.

Your site could offer a Happy Hour menu, a St. Patty's day coupon, Christmas or other holiday coupons/offers or a welcome banner, based on time of day or day of the week or a holiday period.

If your business is currently closed you could offer an email form or an email newsletter signup form on a desktop/laptop and a click 2 email form on a phone.  
Pretty cool eh?  😎

Actions That Can Result From One Or More Triggers

  • Display a custom banner
  • Display a custom coupon
  • Display an email contact form
  • Display a Click 2 Call, Click 2 Email or Click 2 Text on a mobile web site
  • Display an online scheduler link, if appropriate
  • Display an email marketing signup sheet, if appropriate
  • Display a specific menu, if appropriate
  • Display a follow us link for Facebook or other social media site
  • Display a specific page from your site based on its URL extension
  • Change the look of the site for a holiday, snowflakes at Christmas, etc.



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